Star Trek Skele-Trek Series 1 Blind Bag Figure




These are the Star Trek Skele-Trek Series 1 Blind Bag Figures from NECA and Wizkids. The Skele-Trek figures stand about 2 inches tall and are awesome! They come with a neat little display stand that's attached and helps them stay upright. 

They're 6 Star Trek characters to possibly get. The potential figures are Captain James T. Kirk, a Borg drone, Klingon Commander Kor, a Gorn, Captain Picard, and Data.  

Skele-Treks are neat little collectible figures that look awesome on your desk or shelf. Super cool. 

Please Note: Each quantity purchased is 1 random figure in 1 blind mystery figure bag.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed