Starcadia Quest The Board Game



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This is Starcadia Quest The Board Game produced by the good folks over at Asmodee.

Inspired by the beloved Arcadia Quest game system, this game offers the same exciting PvPvE gameplay, buy streamlined down to its FUNamentals (we left in the fun)! Enemies, events and shenanigans are all controlled by a single event deck, which players draw and use against each other... bringing the action to life. 

Enjoy the narrative Quests, which must be completed in order, giving the feel of an epic. In space.

Contents: Rulebook, Campaign Sheet Pad, 30 Highly-Detailed Plastic Minis, 8 Custom Mini Bases, 10 Custom Dice, 77 Cards, 200+ Tokens, 10 Game Tiles, 4 Crew Dashboards, 1 Monster Dashboard

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed