Super Impulse World's Smallest Series 2 Bruce Will Lee Tech Deck

Super Impulse


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Step into the world of martial arts legends with the Super Impulse World's Smallest Series 2 Bruce Lee Tech Deck. This incredible miniature finger skateboard set pays tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee, the iconic martial artist and film star. Inside this tiny package, you'll find a fully functional finger skateboard adorned with Bruce Lee homage graphics and equipped with real grip tape and trucks, allowing you to perform impressive fingerboard tricks just like the master himself. This set also includes a miniature nunchaku accessory, further embracing Bruce Lee's martial arts legacy.

The World's Smallest Series 2 Bruce Lee Tech Deck is a compact and captivating collectible for fans of Bruce Lee and finger skateboarding enthusiasts alike. Whether you're perfecting your finger flips or simply displaying this miniature tribute to Bruce Lee's enduring legacy, this set offers endless entertainment and pays homage to one of the greatest martial artists in history. It's a pocket-sized piece of greatness that celebrates Bruce Lee's legendary contributions to martial arts and cinema.