Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head



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The Walking Dead is flat out awesome. Zombies are always popular, but the episode writing in the Walking Dead television show has been fantastic. That being said, the original graphic novel is where the Walking Dead really stood out.

Together, the television show and the books have made it a powerhouse franchise. Currently one of the most popular shows on TV, it's great to see the merchandise doing so well. Okay, Daryl Dixon is perhaps one of the best characters in the franchise. A bad boy who does the right thing when it counts, and did we mention that he is wicked good with a crossbow? It's no surprise that he is a fan favorite and tops the sales of all the characters in the franchise. If he gets eaten, half the audience will probably stop watching the show.

Recommended Age: 18+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions: 7" X 1 Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head