Tiger Plush Coin Bank




This is a Tiger Plush Coin Bank, and it's adorable. Just look at his cute stripes! The best part is that he's a great place to keep you spare change. He'll guard it with all of his tiger-ness. The Tiger Plush Coin Bank is essentially a soft and cuddly piggy bank that's great for the kids, as well as the Tiger enthusiast adults. 

What's so great about these plush figures produced by Puzzled Inc, is that they have such character. The Tiger Coin Bank opens on the underside on his belly for easy coin retrieval and is a great way for children to start to learn how to save. Or if you're an adult, is the cutest coin jar that you'll ever see. Good price, too.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  8.5" L x 5" W x 5" H X 1 Tiger Plush Coin Bank