Tokidoki Mermicorno Series 8 Blind Box



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The Tokidoki Mermicorno Series 8 Blind Box is a collectible toy product produced by Tokidoki, a popular lifestyle brand known for its unique and artistic characters. The Mermicorno Series features a combination of adorable sea creatures and mythical unicorns, blending elements of mermaids and unicorns.

Here's how the Blind Box concept works:

  1. Packaging: The Mermicorno Series 8 Blind Box comes in a sealed box, and the contents are not visible from the outside. You cannot see which specific Mermicorno character is inside the box.

  2. Surprise Toy: The term "Blind Box" means that when you purchase it, you don't know which specific character from the Series 8 you will get. It's a surprise, and each box contains one random Mermicorno figure.

  3. Collectible Figures: The Series 8 collection may include various Mermicorno characters, each with its unique design, colors, and features. Some characters might be more common, while others could be rarer, adding to the excitement of collecting them all.

  4. Trading and Collecting: Blind Box toys are popular among collectors and fans of Tokidoki because they encourage trading and interacting with other collectors to complete the entire set. Some collectors might even buy multiple Blind Boxes in the hope of getting all the different characters.

Please Note: Each quantity purchased is 1 random figure in 1 blind mystery figure box.

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 2.5" X 1 Tokidoki Mermicorno Series 8 Blind Box