Tokidoki Unicorno Series 12 Single Blind Box Figure



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Discover the magic of the Tokidoki Unicorno Series 12 Single Blind Box Figure, a delightful surprise that brings the enchanting world of Tokidoki to your fingertips. Each blind box contains one captivating Unicorno character from Series 12, and the element of surprise makes each unboxing a thrilling adventure. With 10 unique designs to collect, these figures feature Tokidoki's signature artistry, vibrant colors, and intricate details, making them the perfect addition to your Unicorno collection or a great starting point for newcomers to this whimsical universe.

These blind boxes not only offer a chance to add a touch of Tokidoki magic to your life but also make for fantastic gifts for art and toy enthusiasts of all ages. The suspense of opening a blind box and discovering which Unicorno awaits inside is a joyful experience that adds an element of surprise and excitement to your day. Start your Unicorno collection with the Series 12 Single Blind Box Figure, and let the magic of Tokidoki brighten your world.