Tonies Disney Aladdin Figure



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Embark on a magical journey to the vibrant world of Agrabah with the Tonies Disney Aladdin Figure. This enchanting Tonies figure is designed to transport children into the captivating story of Aladdin, Jasmine, and the mystical Genie. With the Toniebox audio player (sold separately), kids can simply place the Disney Aladdin Figure on top, and it will instantly play iconic songs and memorable scenes from the classic Disney film. It's an interactive and engaging way for young fans to experience the adventure, romance, and wonder of Aladdin's quest to win Jasmine's heart and outsmart the wicked Jafar.

The Tonies Disney Aladdin Figure is a perfect addition to any Disney lover's collection, offering an immersive audio experience that brings the magic of the movie to life. The figure is beautifully crafted, capturing Aladdin's adventurous spirit and Jasmine's beauty, making it a delightful display piece as well. Whether you're introducing your child to the timeless tale of Aladdin or reliving the magic of your own childhood, this Tonies figure provides a captivating and memorable journey through the world of Arabian Nights, filled with wishes, love, and a whole lot of fun.

Ages 3+