TY Beanie Babies Zip II 8 Inch Plush Figure



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The TY Beanie Babies Zip II 8-Inch Plush Figure is an adorable and collectible stuffed toy that captures the essence of a charming and mischievous little kitty. This plush figure is part of the renowned TY Beanie Babies collection, known for its exceptional quality and endearing designs.

Zip II features soft, velvety fur with white accents on its paws and tail, which add a delightful contrast.

This TY Beanie Baby is not just a cute playmate but also a cherished addition to any TY Beanie Babies collection. Whether you're a fan of cats in general, or simply appreciate well-crafted plush toys, Zip II is sure to win your heart with its charm. It's the perfect gift for children and collectors alike, and it's bound to bring joy and smiles to anyone who encounters it.