Uglydoll Ugly Charlie Blox Vinyl Figure



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The Uglydoll Ugly Charlie Blox Vinyl Figure is the perfect addition to any Uglydoll lover's collection. Standing at approximately 6.75 inches tall, this vinyl figure is a perfect representation of the beloved character, Ugly Charlie. The quirky design of this toy is sure to grab your attention with its unique mix of bold colors and funky textures.

This figure is made of high-quality vinyl material which ensures its durability and sturdiness, making it the ideal toy for children aged 4 and above. The Ugly Charlie Blox Vinyl Figure is intricately detailed, showcasing the character's furry arms and legs, as well as his signature underbite. His floppy ears are a charming addition and lend a playful touch to the already eccentric-looking toy.

The Uglydoll Ugly Charlie Blox Vinyl Figure is perfect for fans of the Uglydoll franchise, adding a fun and quirky element to any collection of vinyl figures. This toy has been designed with a nod towards the retro style of the 80s and 90s, making it a great nostalgic gift for anyone who grew up during that era.

The bright and bold colors make this figure stand out, and young children will love playing with Ugly Charlie and his uniquely designed features. Collectibles enthusiasts will appreciate the high-quality build of this figure, making it a great addition to any display shelf.

Overall, the Uglydoll Ugly Charlie Blox Vinyl Figure is a fun and playful toy that is equally suited to children and adults. With its high-quality build and intricate details, this figure is sure to be a hit among Uglydoll fans and collectors alike.

Recommended Age: 5+