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The Wild Animals Toob Mini Figures by Safari Ltd is the perfect toy for any child that loves animals or dreams of the safari. This pack includes 12 high-quality, hand-painted mini figures of wild animals, all housed in a reusable tube-shaped storage container for easy transport and storage. The set includes some of the most beloved and ferocious creatures found in the wild: a lion, tiger, panther, hyena, jaguar, gorilla, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, elephant, zebra, giraffe, and a cheetah.

These figures are meticulously crafted in intricate detail, making them look almost like mini versions of the real thing. From the jaguar's beautiful spotted coat to the rhinoceros's distinct horn, each animal has unique and accurate features. The hand-painted detailing realistically depicts the animals’ fur or skin tone and textures, adding to the realism of each miniature figure.

Built to last, these figures are made from durable, high-quality materials that can withstand the rough play of young children. Your little one can recreate scenes from their favorite movies or imagine countless safari adventures with these fascinating figures.

It’s excellent for educational purposes as well, helping children learn about different animals and their characteristics, and it is a perfect addition to a school project or animal-themed birthday party. Furthermore, the Wild Animal Toob Mini Figures can help spark children's creativity and imagination while also helping in enhancing their storytelling skills.

This product is highly recommended to kids three years and above, and it’s an excellent gift for lovers of animal figures. Let their wild imaginations roar with these Safari Ltd Wild Animal Toob Mini figures.

Recommended Age: 5+

Dimensions:   2.03" x 2.03" x 12.87"