Bandai Dragon Ball Z Match Makers Son Goku Figure



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Bandai Dragon Ball Z Match Makers Son Goku Figure
  • Collectible figure: From Bandai's Dragon Ball Z Match Makers series, comes the Son Goku Figure, a tribute to the iconic character from the Dragon Ball Z series.
  • Detailed design: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring Goku in a dynamic pose, showcasing his distinct attire, hairstyle, and characteristic energy.
  • Dynamic pose: Captures Goku in an action-oriented stance, reflecting his adventurous and determined spirit as a Saiyan warrior.
  • Quality construction: Made from durable materials, this figure ensures longevity and retains fine details, embodying the essence of Goku's character.
  • For enthusiasts and collectors: Ideal for Dragon Ball Z fans and collectors, serving as an impressive addition to their collection of iconic anime figures, celebrating Goku's legacy in the series.
        Recommended Age: 14+

        Condition: Brand New and Sealed