Bandai Gundam SEED Destiny MG Sword Impulse Gundam ZGMF-X56S 1:100 Scale Model Kit



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  • 1:100 Scale Model: The Sword Impulse Gundam model kit typically comes in a 1:100 scale, providing a detailed representation of the mobile suit's design and proportions.

  • Master Grade (MG) Series: As part of Bandai's Master Grade series, this model kit offers advanced detailing, articulation, and engineering compared to standard Gundam model kits. It's designed for hobbyists and collectors who seek a more intricate and realistic build.

  • Sword Impulse Gundam Design: The model kit accurately recreates the Sword Impulse Gundam ZGMF-X56S mobile suit from "Gundam SEED Destiny." This variant of the Impulse Gundam is equipped with additional weapons and armor, including the Excalibur anti-ship swords mounted on its back.

  • Highly Detailed Parts: The model kit typically includes a multitude of plastic parts molded in various colors, allowing for intricate detailing without the need for painting. Panel lines, vents, and other mechanical details are often reproduced with precision.

  • Articulation and Poseability: The Sword Impulse Gundam model kit features multiple points of articulation, enabling dynamic posing and display options. Joints, including the hips, knees, elbows, and shoulders, are engineered for flexibility and stability.

  • Weaponry and Accessories: In addition to the Excalibur anti-ship swords, the model kit may include other weapons and accessories specific to the Sword Impulse Gundam, such as beam rifles, beam sabers, and missile launchers.