Bandai Gundam Wing Endless Waltz MG Wing Gundam Zero 1:100 Scale Model Kit



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Experience the epic battles of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz with the Bandai MG Wing Gundam Zero 1:100 Scale Model Kit. This highly detailed model kit allows you to recreate the iconic mobile suit piloted by Heero Yuy. With intricate panel lining, articulation, and a variety of accessories including twin buster rifles and beam sabers, this kit brings the Wing Gundam Zero to life on your display shelf. Perfect for Gundam enthusiasts and model kit builders, it offers a rewarding building experience and a stunning finished product.

  • Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Recreates the iconic mobile suit from the popular anime series.
  • Highly Detailed: Features intricate panel lining and articulation for dynamic poses.
  • 1:100 Scale: Offers an impressive size for display.
  • Accessories Included: Comes with twin buster rifles, beam sabers, and more.
  • Skill Level: Recommended for intermediate to advanced model builders.
  • Assembly Required: Requires assembly with cement and paint (not included).
  • Stunning Finished Product: Creates a striking centerpiece for any Gundam collection.
  • Officially Licensed: Produced by Bandai, a trusted name in Gundam model kits.