Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero Monkey D Luffy Gear4 Battle Onigashima Figure



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Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero Monkey D Luffy Gear4 Battle Onigashima Figure
  1. Epic Battle Pose: Bandai's Figuarts Zero Monkey D Luffy Gear 4 Battle Onigashima Figure captures a pivotal moment from the One Piece series, showcasing Luffy in an intense and dynamic battle pose.

  2. Gear 4 Transformation Detail: This figure meticulously depicts Monkey D Luffy in his Gear Fourth form, highlighting the intricate details of the transformation, such as muscular enhancements and unique features specific to this powerful state.

  3. Onigashima Theme: The figure is inspired by the Onigashima arc, bringing to life the climactic battles and events that unfolded in this iconic storyline within the One Piece series.

  4. Innovative Sculpting: The sculpting of the figure is innovative and detailed, portraying Luffy's intense expression, flowing hair, and the signature markings associated with Gear Fourth, offering an authentic representation of the character.

  5. Vivid Coloring: Vibrant and accurate coloring enhances the figure's visual impact, capturing the intensity of the battle on Onigashima and the vividness of Luffy's Gear Fourth form.

  6. Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, this Figuarts Zero figure ensures durability and longevity, maintaining the intricate details and overall integrity of the figure.

  7. Dynamic Display Base: The figure comes with a specially designed display base that complements Luffy's battle pose, providing stability while showcasing the dynamic nature of the Gear Fourth transformation.

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed