Bandai One Piece Masterlise Expiece Trafalgar Law Wano Country Third Act Ichibansho Figure



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  1. Dynamic Pose: Trafalgar Law is showcased in a dynamic and action-packed pose, perfectly capturing his presence during the Wano Country Third Act.

  2. High-Quality Sculpting: The figure boasts a meticulous and high-quality sculpt, showcasing intricate details in Law's costume, sword, and facial expressions. Every aspect is faithfully reproduced to bring the character to life.

  3. Authentic Design: Designed with attention to detail, the figure stays true to the original character design from Eiichiro Oda's One Piece, ensuring an authentic representation of Trafalgar Law in the Wano Country Third Act arc.

  4. Vivid Coloring: Vibrant and accurate coloring enhances the overall visual appeal of the figure, making it stand out as a centerpiece in any One Piece collection.

  5. Premium Materials: Crafted from premium materials, the figure is built to last and maintain its impressive appearance over time. The durable construction ensures that it remains a cherished item for fans.

  6. Base Stand: The figure comes with a sturdy base stand, providing stability and an opportunity for dynamic display options. The base is often designed to complement the theme of the character and enhance the overall presentation.