Hot Wheels Super Mario Bros Movie Toad Car

Hot Wheels


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The Hot Wheels Super Mario Bros Movie Toad Car is a delightful addition to the thrilling Hot Wheels collection, drawing inspiration from the iconic characters of the Super Mario Bros movie. This collectible die-cast car is uniquely designed, featuring details that pay homage to the charming and memorable character of Toad. Its vibrant colors and meticulously crafted features, including the iconic mushroom design, make it a standout piece for collectors and Mario Bros enthusiasts alike.

Combining the classic appeal of Hot Wheels with the beloved characters from the Super Mario Bros movie, this limited-edition Toad Car is an exciting addition to any collection. Its attention to detail and vibrant design capture the essence of Toad, making it an ideal display piece or a fantastic addition to imaginative play scenarios, allowing fans to bring the magic of Mario Bros into the thrilling realm of Hot Wheels.