Magna-Tiles Grand Prix 50 Piece Frost Colors Magnetic Tile Building Set



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  1. Introducing the Magna-Tiles Grand Prix 50 Piece Frost Colors Magnetic Tile Building Set – an exhilarating fusion of creativity and racing excitement that brings the world of high-speed adventures to the realm of magnetic construction.

    Experience the thrill of engineering and imaginative play as you design and assemble your own dynamic race tracks, vehicles, and architectural marvels using these frost-colored magnetic tiles.

    Key features of the Magna-Tiles Grand Prix 50 Piece Frost Colors Set:

    1. Frosty Speedsters: This set showcases a cool and vibrant palette of frosty colors, adding a visually captivating element to your creations. The transparent tiles allow light to shine through, enhancing the sense of speed and vibrancy in your designs.

    2. Racing Magnets: Each tile is equipped with strong magnets along their edges, enabling them to snap together with ease. Build multi-level raceways, intricate tunnels, and gravity-defying structures that serve as backdrops for thrilling races and imaginative adventures.

    3. Comprehensive Set: With 50 pieces encompassing various shapes, including squares, triangles, and specialty pieces, this set empowers builders to construct complex racetracks, vehicles, and architectural landmarks limited only by their imagination.

    4. Inspiring Play: Immerse yourself in an engaging blend of play and education. Develop essential skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and creativity, while learning about physics and engineering concepts through hands-on experimentation.

    5. Durable and Safe: Crafted from high-quality materials, these tiles feature smooth edges and a sturdy design, ensuring both durability and safety during enthusiastic play.

    Condition: Brand New