Wingspan Asia Expansion Board Game

Stonemaier Games


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  • New Avian Species: Explore the diverse birdlife of Asia with over 50 new bird cards featuring species native to the region. From the majestic Himalayan Monal to the elusive Siberian Crane, discover a wide array of Asian birds.

  • New Player Boards: This expansion introduces new player boards featuring the iconic landscapes of Asia. These boards offer unique abilities and challenges, adding strategic depth to your gameplay.

  • New Goals and Achievements: Engage with new goal tiles and bird cards that offer fresh challenges and objectives for players to pursue. With unique scoring opportunities, players will need to adapt their strategies to succeed.

  • New Food Types: Discover new food types such as tofu and chopsticks, reflecting the culinary diversity of Asia. These food types add a new layer of resource management to the game.

  • Solo Variant: Enjoy Wingspan even when playing solo with the new solo mode included in this expansion. Test your skills against automated opponents as you strive to build the most impressive aviary.

  • Enhanced Components: Delight in the high-quality components included in this expansion, featuring stunning artwork and detailed bird illustrations. From the beautifully illustrated cards to the intricately designed player boards, every component reflects the natural beauty of the avian world.

  • Expands Replayability: With new bird species, player boards, and goals, the Wingspan Asia Expansion breathes new life into the base game, ensuring countless hours of engaging gameplay for both new and experienced players alike.