Quercetti Spiral Tower Brightball Playset



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A tower made of many colourful elements with a large base to keep it all in firmly balanced. Colourful balls run down the spiral track and provide fun for all children. One of the balls has a light in it.

A great gift for any young child!

  • A Fun Toy to Learn Cause and Effect - placing the balls at the top of the tower and watching them race down the ramp engages little kids with light, color, sound and movement
  • Toys for Toddlers Designed to Support Early Development - hands-on play helps little kids development fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Fuss-Free Fun for Little Kids that Boosts Self-Esteem - the large balls are easy to grasp so little kids can do this activity all by themselves
  • Made Sturdy and Safe - high-quality design holds up to repeated play and uses kid-safe materials that meet all safety requirements
  • Enjoy High Play Value - the large rattle balls are fun to play with on the ball ramp or on their own
  • Toys and Games you can Trust, Proudly Made in Italy for Over 70 Years - Quercetti has a long history of making fun, high-quality toys that encourage children to think, reason and solve problems