Settlers Of Catan Board Game

Mayfair Games


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This is The Settlers of Catan board game that is produced by Mayfair Games. The Settlers of Catan is arguably the most popular strategy board game in the world at this point. First published in 1995, The Settlers of Catan has since gone on to sell over 15 million copies and been translated into thirty languages. And those figures are from the year 2009.

It's not hard to see why The Settlers of Catan is so enjoyable to play. It's one of those great strategy board games in which there are multiple paths to win, and the gameplay always feels close and within reach. Plus, in Settlers of Catan, the player feels rewarded when his or her strategies appear to be working. It's awesome.
If you haven't played The Settlers of Catan, and you are buying this blind, we highly recommend it. Most likely, you've already played Settlers of Catan at someone's house, and know you are shopping for your own personal copy. If so, there are some things to know.

This is the Settlers of Catan base set, and it serves up to four players. You need the Settlers of Catan base set to get started, and this by itself will be super enjoyable and fun!

After playing Settlers of Catan more than a few time, you'll most likely want to expand your set! And that's what's so great about the Settlers of Catan world, there are ways to add unique spins to the gameplay. It's also a major aprt of the fun. Okay, so how is the Settlers of Catan gameplay?

You play as recent immigrants to a newly populated island. You're in charge of your own colony and it's up to you to expand settlements, villages, and roads. You'll need resources from the land around you and strategic trades with the other players. But be careful, they've most likely got their own agendas! It's a unique style of gameplay and different with each game as the assembled board changes every time!

Settlers of Catan is Radar Toys best pick for a game that you don't own. The Settlers of Catan is that good.  

Recommended Age: 10+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed