Spin Master DC Armored Batman 12 Inch Action Figure

Spin Master


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  1. Size and Scale: The mention of "12 Inch" suggests that this action figure is likely a 12-inch scale figure, which is a standard size for many action figures.

  2. DC Armored Batman Theme: "Armored Batman" typically refers to a version of Batman's costume equipped with advanced armor. This design is often featured in various comic storylines, movies, or animated series.

  3. Articulation: Action figures usually have multiple points of articulation, allowing for various poses and dynamic displays.

  4. Accessories: Batman action figures often come with accessories related to the character, such as weapons, gadgets, or additional costume elements. In the case of an Armored Batman, accessories might include specific armored components or weapons.

  5. Detail and Design: Spin Master is known for producing detailed and well-designed toys, so the figure may have a high level of detail in terms of sculpting and paint application, capturing the intricate features of an armored Batman suit.


Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New