Spin Master DC Wonder Woman 12 Inch Action Figure

Spin Master


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  1. Size and Scale: The mention of "12 Inch" suggests that this action figure is likely a 12-inch scale figure, which is a standard size for many action figures.

  2. DC Wonder Woman Theme: Given that it's a "DC Wonder Woman" action figure, it represents the iconic superhero character Wonder Woman from DC Comics. The design might vary based on specific storylines, costume variations, or artistic interpretations.

  3. Articulation: Action figures typically have multiple points of articulation, allowing for various poses and dynamic displays. The number and range of articulation points may vary based on the specific figure.

  4. Accessories: Wonder Woman action figures may come with accessories related to the character, such as additional hands, weapons like the Lasso of Truth, a shield, or other iconic items associated with Wonder Woman.

  5. Detail and Design: Spin Master is known for producing detailed and well-designed toys, so the figure may have a high level of detail in terms of sculpting and paint application, capturing the iconic features of Wonder Woman's costume and demeanor.

  6. Collector Appeal: Some action figures are designed with collectors in mind, featuring limited editions, exclusive releases, or specific themes that appeal to fans of the character.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New