Tiger Shark Sea Life Safari Ltd

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Looking for an irresistible addition to your sea life collection? Look no further than the Tiger Shark by Safari Ltd! This magnificent sea creature figurine measures just under 8 inches long and is masterfully crafted with intricate detail that brings the tiger shark to life.

With its powerful jaws and striking stripes, the tiger shark is one of the most awe-inspiring predators in the ocean. The Sea Life Tiger Shark by Safari Ltd captures the essence of this potent creature, from its tapered head and long, muscular tail to its razor-sharp teeth and fearsome presence.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, this shark figurine is safe for children to play with and easy to clean. It is also a tasteful choice for display, whether as part of a marine life diorama, animal themed bedroom décor, or as a standalone piece to showcase the beauty and power of the tiger shark.

Whether you are a collector, teacher, aquarium enthusiast, or just love sea creatures, the Safari Ltd Tiger Shark is a must-have. So, get your hands on this breathtaking sea creature figurine and keep it as a prized possession to treasure for years to come.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   7.92" x 3.12" x 1.83"