Doctor Who Figure Collection Sycorax Resin Figure

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The Doctor Who Figure Collection Sycorax Resin Figure is a highly detailed and accurately crafted sculpture that instantly transports the viewer into the fantastical world of the popular BBC television series. Inspired by the Episode "The Christmas Invasion", this resin figure brilliantly captures the essence of the Sycorax race, one of the most fearsome and formidable villains encountered by the Doctor over the course of his intergalactic adventures.

This 4-inch tall resin figure is intricately designed to showcase every aspect of the Sycorax species, from their menacing appearance to their dark and brooding demeanor. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the figure is hand-painted and features a wide array of textures, including the rough and scaly skin that covers the Sycorax, as well as the intricacies of their elaborate clothing and weaponry.

The Sycorax resin figure comes with a sturdy base, which enables fans to prominently display the figurine as a centerpiece or a part of their collection. It also comes with a collector's magazine that provides an in-depth look at the lore of the Sycorax, along with behind-the-scenes details about the making of the figure.

The Doctor Who Figure Collection Sycorax Resin Figure is an exceptional choice for fans of the Doctor Who franchise, as well as collectors of sci-fi memorabilia and action figures. The careful attention to detail and the strikingly realistic portrayal of the Sycorax race make this figure an excellent gift for friends and family who are passionate about science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. With its highly detailed craftsmanship and expertly painted finish, the Doctor Who Figure Collection Sycorax Resin Figure is a must-have item for any true fan of the Doctor Who universe.

Recommended Age: 5+

Dimensions: 4"